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What are WordPress Plugins?

Indeed, WordPress is a platform for building appealing websites. The WordPress developers cannot anticipate every need of every web designer. That is where Plugins come into play. WordPress Plugins are separate modules created by 3rd Party developers to satisfy particular needs and wants of end-users.

Are there any free plugins in WordPress?

Absolutely. One of the most helpful features of plugins is that most of them are free or have a free version. At last count, over 56,000 free WordPress plugins were available. In our experience, free plugins will meet your needs 90% of the time. As you may have guessed though, free plugins tend to be simplistic and somewhat lacking in features. Paid-for versions will be more robust. Common WordPress advice: Start with the free version and upgrade later if needed.

How can I find plugins for my website?

The WordPress team has made finding a WP plugin easy. Simply, go to https://wordpress.org/plugins and search for your task. For example, you would type event calendar if you were looking for a WordPress Plugin that adds an event calendar to your site. It is just that simple. Of course, the topics are virtually endless.

What are the benefits of using Plugins?

The foremost benefit is added functionality. Simply by installing a plugin, you can have a recipe maker, a backup utility, or an SEO analyzer. Being able to add features to your website is a huge benefit but do not overlook the time and effort these plugins save. That is to say, plugin developers create all the code, write documentation, and provide customer support. All you need to do is install the plugin.

What are the drawbacks of using Plugins?

Unfortunately, WordPress plugins are not always perfect. First of all, not all plugin developers are conscientious when it comes to quality. Fortunately, the WordPress community does a good job of “weeding out” poor plugins. Next, plugins often fail to function properly due to internal conflicts meaning that plugins can cause errors, especially with other plugins. Finally, many WordPress site owners become addicted to plugins. Installing too many plugins can cripple the overall performance of your site.

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Vegan List of WordPress Plugins

Backup Plugins

It is critical to backup your WordPress website on a regular basis. However, WordPress is a sophisticated platform that requires special consideration when performing a backup.

#1-Updraft Plus

updraft plus backup wordpress plugin logo
3 Million+ Installations

#2-Backup Buddy

backup buddy wordpress plugin logo
1 Million+ Installations


vaultpress backup wordpress plugin
50,000+ Installations

Image Compression Plugins

Image compression is a critical component to increase the speed of your WordPress site. Simply, compressed images load faster. Google considers Page Load speed to be a major ranking factor now.

#1-EWWW Image

ewww image optimization wordpress plugin logo
900,000+ Installations

#2-Short Pixel

short pixel image optimization wordpress plugin logo
300,000+ Installations


smush image optimization wordpress plugin logo
1 Million+ Installations

SEO ON-Page Analysis Plugins

ON-Page SEO optimization is 50% of the SEO battle. These WordPress Plugins make optimizing your pages a breeze.

#1-RankMath SEO

rank math wordpress plugin logo
1 Million+ Installations

#2-Yoast SEO

yoast seo wordpress plugin logo
5 Million+ Installations

#3-All-In-One SEO

All in One SEO WordPress Plugin logo
3 Million+ Installations

Traffic Analysis Plugins

Every website owner wants to know how many people are visiting their site. These plugins assist WordPress owners to understand website traffic data.

#1-Monster Insights

monster insights wordpress plugin logo
3 Million+ Installations

#2-Google Site Kit

google sitekit wordpress plugin
1 Million+ Installations


GA Google Analytics
600,000+ Installations